Catriona Campbell's picture
EY, Client Technology & Innovation Officer
Michelle Natalie Susanto's picture
Somia Customer Experience, Senior Experience Design Consultant
David Dikman's picture
Styler Inc., Software Developer
Hera Hussain's picture
Chayn, CEO
Jason Cottrell's picture
Myplanet, CEO
Rohith M S's picture
Tekion Corp, Design Manager
Angie Fu's picture
Facebook, Product Designer
Jonathon Hensley's picture
André Augusto's picture
Y Media Labs, Senior Product Designer
Hoang Nguyen's picture
GEEK Up, Founding Member and Design Coach
Sofia Gomes's picture
Imaginary Cloud, Product Designer
Chris Rourke's picture
User Vision, CEO
Anthony Miller's picture
Millermedia7, CEO
Diane Murphy's picture
Spotify, UX Writer
David Gevorkian's picture
Be Accessible Inc., CEO
Zsofia Paszternak's picture
UX studio, Product Designer
Valeriya Fetisova's picture
UX Magazine, Publishing and Media
Paula Andrea Becchetti's picture
Strike Contents, Founding Partner
Nikki Anderson's picture
Zalando SE, User Research Lead
Hoang Nguyen's picture
GEEK Up, Co-Founder / Design Coach
Bansi Mehta's picture
Koru UX Design, CEO
Dennis Hambeukers's picture
Zuiderlicht, Strategic UX Design Consultant
Lucy Denton's picture
Dovetail, Senior Product Designer
Jordan Ratner's picture
Oxford, MBA Candidate
Sharath Pandeshwar's picture
PhonePe Switch, Product Manager
Joseph Russell's picture
DreamWalk Apps, Co-Founder and Creative Director
Sol Mesz's picture
Freelance, Consulting
Ben Goodey's picture
How the Fxck, Founder
Amy Rogers's picture
Fearless, UX Designer and Researcher · Illustrator · Community Lead
Pranava Tandra's picture
Microsoft, Designer