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Torii Studio, Torii Studio
Bogdana Yatsenko's picture
Eleken, Content Writer
Cristobal Chao's picture
Torii, Founder and CEO
Ilya Dmitruk's picture
Eleken, Founder
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Parsons School of Design, Associate Professor Strategic Management
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Studio Jimmy Elias, Creative Director Experience Design
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New York Public Radio, Senior Director, Digital Design & UX
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Courier, Content Writer
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OpenClassrooms, Product Manager Mentor
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VERSA Agency, Founder & CEO
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PARKNOW Group, UX Designer
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Braze, Senior User Experience Researcher
Ward Andrews's picture
Drawbackwards, CEO / Design Director
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Journey Group, Inc., Senior Digital Designer
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Outwitly Inc., Social Media and Communications Coordinator
Kristine Kalnina's picture, UX Researcn Mentor
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Whitespace, Creative Director
Ward Andrews's picture
Drawbackwards, CEO
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Infragistics, UX Fellow
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3dctrl, Digital Marketing Manager
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Tableau Software, Senior Manager of Inclusive Marketing
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Blizzard Entertainment, Group Design Manager
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Lifion by ADP, Senior Product Manager
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Compliance and Risks, Design Lead
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Contentsquare, UX/UI Design Lead
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Google, Senior User Experience Researcher
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Google, User Experience Researcher
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ThoughtMatter, Chief Executive
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Modernist Studio, CEO