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John Boykin

Senior User Experience Architect & Researcher | Applegate LLC

John Boykin answers to user experience designer, information architect, interaction designer, information designer, and UX researcher. He’s been doing all of the above for over 10 years. Clients include Walmart, Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s, Blue Shield, Bank of America, Visa, Symantec, NBC, HP, Janus, Prosper, and Mitsubishi Motors. His site, wayfind.com, will tell you more than you want to know.

In UX design, applying a solid sense of probability often determines whether we come out ahead or behind.

Article by John Boykin
Share:Probability: A UX Designer’s Second-Best Friend
9 min read

Had Google thought more about probability than about throwing in their existing technology just because they could, they would have left autosuggest out.

Article by John Boykin
Share:Stop Helping Me, Google Calendar Autosuggest #wtfUX
2 min read

At the Palo Alto Medical Foundation clinic, you might easily find yourself going in through the out door.

Article by John Boykin
Share:The Entrance Is the Exit … Obviously #wtfUX
4 min read

An intercept at the start of checkout on your e-commerce site frustrates users and may cost you far more sales than it gains you.

Article by John Boykin
Share:Half-Math and That Gushing Hole in Your Bucket
8 min read

While it’s wise to strive for simplicity in product design, the ultimate goals should be ease and clarity of use.

Article by John Boykin
Share:Simplicity, It’s Complicated
5 min read

Childhood lessons in good behavior and solid decision-making can be invaluable assets to UX practitioners.

Article by John Boykin
Share:Everything I Really Need to Know about User Experience I Learned in Sunday School
4 min read

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