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Finally someone who shares my opinion about this minimum viable date!

I don't think MVP is such a bad thing, but those comics are on point!

Funny. :) But, I would change the description to: A comic that satirizes a (fairly common, unfortunately) WRONG notion of Minimum Viable Product (MVP).Cheers,


Although it definitely remind me of some companies' MVPs I worked on, I don't think this represents a real MVP… An MVP needs to be viable. A pair of flip-flops would be a shoe MVP because you have the minimum necessary to walk without hurting your feet. for the same reason, you don't need a vending machine… plus you cannot use peanut butter and jelly without bread. Your goal would be "to have a nice diner with a date"… I guess pasta at home would fit the description :D

I understand the idea of the jokes but more so to compare to dating would be having an MVP for date 1 then learning and implementing better strategies for future dates with the same and probably many other people too (in the case of human dating). After the MVP of one shoe, he'd realize he needs 2 shoes next time... etc.

The "I sprint" hobbies answer is funny, but the other 2 answers seem too much of a reach to say no MVP company ever would tell anyone who they are or what they do... which isn't true.

Maybe I'm taking it too literally and dissecting each joke too much and it's just supposed to be MVP satire without me thinking too deeply on it.