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Jennifer Clinehens

Head of Experience, Writer | The Marketing Store

I’m an evidence-based marketer who combines art and science to create impactful customer relationships with brands. Writing where decisions, design, and behavioral science meet. Author, CX That Sings and Choice Hacking.

The secrets behind the world’s obsession. Learn what psychology and behavioral science principles make Worlde so addictive.


Article by Jennifer Clinehens
The Fascinating Psychology Tricks That Make WORDLE So Addictive
  • There are certain things that make WORDLE so addictive:
    • Wordle uses Scarcity to stand out.
    • When you share a Wordle, people notice.
    • Sharing Wordle makes sharing your results across social media incredibly easy.
  • How Wordle creates a habit — the “Habit Loop” describes the basic structure behind every habit:
    1. The trigger
    2. The routine
    3. The reward
  • Wordle would have never become as popular as it is without psychology and behavioral science principles at work in the game.
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4 min read
The Fascinating Psychology Tricks That Make WORDLE So Addictive

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
“In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.” 

Article by Jennifer Clinehens
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5 min read

Customers can’t buy from a brand they don’t notice

Article by Jennifer Clinehens
Share:Salience: The psychology of an experience you can’t ignore
5 min read

Decoding the science behind the features that keep you binging

Article by Jennifer Clinehens
Share:How Netflix uses psychology to perfect their customer experience
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