Gone are the days where women were expected to stay at home and look after the kids while the men went out to earn a living. These days, it’s perfectly normal to see females enjoying vibrant careers with many entering the technology sector not only providing telecommunication and VPS hosting services, but also taking top roles in some of the world’s biggest companies – and this is a beautifully powerful thing to witness.

Most powerful women in tech

Women are quite literally breaking through the glass ceiling that once stood in their way and are standing alongside their male peers to deliver incredible results within the tech world. Not only does their presence shatter the concept that technology-related career paths are only open to men, it gives the tech sector a far more approachable and down-to-earth touch showing how technology is not only about super intelligent male coders, testosterone-fuelled board meetings and violent video games, which (dare we say) are often thought to be more male-orientated.

It also encourages those who maybe aren’t so tech-savvy to take note – after all, there’s some pretty epic female empowerment and, often dominance, going on here.

One such example of a woman who is pushing through all barriers when it comes to gender roles and proving that chicas and computers really mix is Sheryl Sandberg. As the COO of Facebook and Forbes’ most powerful woman in technology, she’s a stand-out figure within the industry renowned for her hard graft and personal fortune of $1.4 billion.

She’s a top executive at the world’s fifth most powerful brand but also a voice for female empowerment in the workplace and shared responsibilities at home. Sandberg is living proof that women can succeed within the technology sector, having helped boost revenues at Facebook 66-fold since becoming COO in 2008.

What’s more, the good news is Sandberg is just one of many women taking key roles within top technology companies standing proud alongside the likes of YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and HP CEO Meg Whitman.

Positive impact on company profits

A 2016 Peterson Institute study has also confirmed how women and technology is a powerful mix in business revealing that the inclusion of women in leadership roles has a positive impact on company profits. The survey of 21,980 companies across the globe across 92 countries found that companies with at least two women in executive positions in the C-Suite (a company’s most important senior executives) and two women in board positions had a higher turnover than those without this kind of diversity.

Why? Well, it’s thought having both men and women in top positions leads to a more inclusive company culture which seems to be a powerful formula for building profits.

A diverse workplace has been shown to be a more rounded and proactive one with inclusive leaders of both sexes using the following attributes to bring out the best in their staff: Empowerment, accountability, humility and courage. Businesses looking to develop a company of inclusion are advised to attract female candidates and ensure diversity runs throughout each sector of the workplace.

To conclude, it’s clear that women have greatly improved many aspects of technology to date and look set to do so for many years to come.




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