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Minimum Viable Date

by Joe Caratenuto, John Boykin
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A comic that satirizes the notion of Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This funny cartoon basically poses the question, “What would happen if you applied the notion of MVP to dating? What are the chances you’d ever get a second date?”

Comic image #1
Comic image #2
Comic image #3
Comic image #4
Comic image #5
Comic image #6
Comic image #7
post authorJoe Caratenuto

Joe Caratenuto, Joe has been a full time illustrator in a freelance capacity since 2013. He's illustrated for books, magazines, posters, websites, T-shirts, blogs, advertisements, flyers, cartoon maps and also does personal commissions. He's drawn everything from monsters to celebrities to family caricatures to barber chairs...

post authorJohn Boykin

John Boykin, John Boykin answers to user experience designer, information architect, interaction designer, information designer, and UX researcher. He’s been doing all of the above for over 10 years. Clients include Walmart, Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s, Blue Shield, Bank of America, Visa, Symantec, NBC, HP, Janus, Prosper, and Mitsubishi Motors. His site, wayfind.com, will tell you more than you want to know.


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