Ordinarily it's a bad idea to allow the Flash Player access to your webcam if you're standing in front of your computer naked or in your underwear, but we may have found an exception to that rule. Zugara and Rich Relevance have teamed up to create an interesting augmented reality app called Fashionista that lets you try on clothing, virtually. From their press release:

Fashionista brings together three hot technologies—augmented reality, motion capture, and real-time personalization—to create a more social and intuitive way to shop for clothes on the web. Through Fashionista, shoppers can now virtually try on clothing via webcam, instantly change into new pieces recommended just for them, share images of themselves on Facebook, and get instant feedback from friends on what works and what they should buy.

Check out the product demonstration video on YouTube, or you can play with the actual app deployed live on the online retailer Tobi's website (look for the button in the lower-right).