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Defining and Informing the Complex Field of User Experience (UX)

How Do We Create an Advanced Experience Ecosystem?

The intersection of wearable tech, sensors, and connectivity is likely where the next major breakthroughs in experience design will take place.

Comparing Popular Layer-Based and Code-Based Prototyping Tools

A review of several layer- and code-based prototyping tools highlights opportunities to gain more control over your mobile prototypes.

What a Prototype Is (and Is Not)

They can be paper or click-through, but designing successful digital experiences involves making prototypes of your interfaces.

10 Responsive Design Problems and Fixes

As more corporations and online giants turn to responsive design, it's beneficial to understand the limitations that come with it and how to work around them.

Comparing Four Popular, Page–Based, Interactive Prototyping Tools

A review of four page-based prototyping tools—Flinto, Invision, Keynote, and Fluid UI—reveals strengths, weaknesses, and use-cases for each.