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Article No. 1259 June 23, 2014

Diving into Customer Experience at Forrester's Forum

This week we're on the ground at Forrester's Forum for Customer Experience Professionals in New York City.

As discussed in a recent article, we're living in an experience economy where the line between digital and physical experiences is quickly erroding. The surge of interest in customer experience has been building for some time now and it speaks to the immense value contained within any effective experience: whether it's navigating robust enterprise software, using a mobile app to book a hotel room, or interacting with a flesh-and-blood bank teller.

"The number of truly awful customer experiences is dropping like a rock," Forrester says "That’s good news for consumers and business buyers alike. It’s bad news, however, for the mass of companies that are now all just average." The theme for the forum is "Why Good Is Not Good Enough," and we're looking forward to learning from presenters who are leading the way forward in CX.

Just like everyone else out there with a passion for creating great experiences, we know there are many ways to attack any given problem and the most inspiring solutions reveal different things to different people. We'd love to meet up with anyone attending the forum to share notes and ideas. Hit us up on Twitter with the hashtag #ForrForum or send an email to events@uxmag.com. Even if you're not visiting the conference and are just in the area, don't be shy.


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