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Knowing your audience, business values, voice tonality, voice refinement, and team trust.

Article by Eva Schicker
5 UX Development Phases to Create Your Brand’s Voice
  • The article offers a concise guide to crafting a brand’s voice in five key UX development phases.
  • The author emphasizes practical strategies and tools for creating a unified brand identity that connects with customers and builds trust.

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5 min read
Article by Sara Fortier
7 Steps to Better Customer Experience (CX)
  • The article emphasizes the significance of exceptional customer experience and its impact on business success, outlining seven crucial steps to improve customer experience, from understanding the customer journey to refining and iterating the process.
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7 min read

Delivering an outstanding user experience for your customers has become a challenge for organizations in recent years. A customer experience involves much more than excellent quality or service.

Article by Ali Abdu
How Your Brand Experience Affects The User Experience
  • While excellent quality or service is important, a strong connection between a brand and a user ensures the best experience possible.
  • Branding is vital for a number of reasons:
    • it creates a feeling of trust;
    • it helps a customer to make a decision when comparing products from different companies.
  • There are various UX factors that are highly influenced by branding:
    • the logo and company colors;
    • the branding style;
    • the details of design.
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Customer retention is one of the most important areas of CX to acquire as a skill. It compiles a multitude of strategies, but it’s definitely worth it in the long run.

Article by Valentin Radu
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8 min read

To achieve a profitable and growing business, you need happy customers. However, all too often, the voice of the customer gets lost in the process.

Article by Leticia Cervantes
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5 min read

It’s a tricky time to be marketing for sure. Smart businesses are currently tailoring their marketing activities to prioritise the retainment of customers.

Article by Holly Formosa
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5 min read

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