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We talk with information architect Alberta Soranzo about mountains of data, mixtapes, and the digital legacy you leave behind.

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A review of the ill-conceived Mobile World Congress event app shows how poor design can have a broad impact on attendee experience.

Share:Event Apps: Think Tapas, not Smörgåsbord

Jesse James Garrett, Margot Bloomstein, and Andy Polaine offer their visions for the future of UX.

Share:Quickpanel: More UX Futures

A conversation between Jesse James Garrett and Ken Jennings about the overlap between mapheads and designers serves as a preview for UX Week 2014.

Share:Jesse James Garrett and Ken Jennings Talk Maps and Design

To offer a truly competitive customer experience companies need to rethink the relationships between customers, employees, partners, and their operating environment.

Share:Transform Customer Experience By Rethinking Your Ecosystem

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