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While brainstorming, it is always a good idea to think of as many ideas as possible in the initial stage. Check out one more technique — an “Operator Overloading” approach that might diversify your ideation processes.

Article by Nahush Farkande
Operator Overloading: An Approach To Ideation
  • The author identifies the term “Operator Overloading” in this context as a brainstorming approach when coming up with product ideas.

  • The steps taken in this approach are as follows:

    1. Jot Down the steps involved in the current process
    2. List the operators in each step.
    3. Make a collection of all the operators from the previous step.
    4. Try to think of optimizations for each operator.
  • The author gives 3 examples of “Operator Overloading” in action:

    1. Prompt: Design an iPad case for a doctor’s office.

    2. Prompt: Design a better way to remember which page you are on in a book.

    3. Prompt: Design an easier way to carry groceries without a carю

  • While the ideas generated using “Operator Overloading” technique might not always be optimal, it can serve as a good starting point in the initial stages of ideation.

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Operator Overloading: an Approach to Ideation

Learn 5 foundational tips on how to create better learning experiences for the EdTech industry.

Article by Nicole Gallardo
5 Ways to Design Better EdTech Products with UX
  • The author unpacks 5 foundational tips to help UX designers create better learning experiences for the EdTech industry:
    1. Don’t design for EdTech. Design for education, using technology.
    2. Co-create with your learning community.
    3. Learn to speak business.
    4. Look outside of EdTech for inspiration.
    5. Diversify your experiences.
  • Designers need to remember that advancing the quality of UX design and advancing the industry standards themselves is a shared responsibility.
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5 Ways to Design Better EdTech Products with UX

Future designers need to learn, un-learn and reskill in order to keep up with the ever evolving tech industry. Here are some 2022 trends that might help.

Article by Liviana Popa
Design Trends 2022 (and beyond)
  • Future designers will need to continuously learn, un-learn and reskill to adapt to the ever evolving tech industry
  • Things to expect from design in 2022:
    • Demystifying UX
    • Striking Simplicity
    • Colorful impact!
    • 3D
    • NFTs
    • AR/VR/ Phygital Tech
    • Web 3.0
    • Remote Working
    • Behavioral Design
    • Neurodesign
    • Sustainability
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