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Team Dynamics

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“Oh, so you make things look pretty?” Years of misconception and we continue to clarify what it is we do.

Article by Olga V. Perfilieva
Share:Beyond Making Things Look Pretty: The Role of a Product Designer
4 min read

Having diversity on your team means a wide array of perspectives and experiences which lead to greater levels of empathy and understanding of a larger audience.

Article by Omri Nir
Share:Why you Need to Diversify your Design Team
2 min read

Biases often creep into our design decisions. We should avoid such biases and understand the importance of staying neutral while evaluating everyone’s opinion.

Article by Abhishek Umrao
Share:6 Ways Psychology Affects Your Design Work
8 min read

In order to communicate effectively, you need to consider how your ideas are received.

Article by Charlie Deets
Share:Presenting Design Work with Intentionality
7 min read

Chapter 3 “Build Agendas Out of Ideas, People, and Time” dives into the intricacies of planning and executing a successful and productive meeting.

Article by Kevin M. Hoffman
Share:Meeting Design for Managers, Makers and Everyone: A Book Excerpt
7 min read

A lot of design-capable businesses have to ask themselves whether to create an in-house team or invite an external agency. But must that be an OR?

Article by Sean O'Connor
Share:For the Design-Capable Business, “In-House or Agency?” Is the Wrong Question
4 min read

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