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The winners of our Drawing Ideas giveaway use sketches to imagine hypothetical uses for wearables.

Share:The Future of Wearable Technology in Pictures
3 min read

Frustrated with confusing, unorganized, complex, or antiquated antiquated user experience models, a designer at The Nerdery created the CUBI model.

Share:CUBI: A User Experience Model for Project Success
10 min read

When weighing experience design concerns against the need to get an MVP in the marketplace,it’s crucial to find a balance that works for your product.

Share:Balancing Product UX and Lean Execution
10 min read

We’re giving away two more copies of Drawing Ideas, and this time, the authors want to see what you can sketch.

Share:Win This Book (Again)! Drawing Ideas
1 min read

How a journey into the heart of physical product development gave one designer new perspective on designing digital experiences.

Share:Six Things Physical Product Development Taught Me About Experience Design
6 min read

Wishing that Instagram had a feature for creating collages, one user decided to create her own a prototype.

Share:I Love You, Instagram … but Why Won’t You Let Me Make Collages?
3 min read

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