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While perhaps not the “biggest iOS release ever” promised by Apple, iOS 8 includes significant UX improvements alongside some notable interface updates.

Share:Is iOS 8 the “Biggest Release” yet or Just a More Polished Version of iOS 7?

With iOS 7, Apple seems poised to expand its reach into a wider portfolio of digital products, something designers should consider in the omnichannel world of mobile.

Share:The Influence of iOS 7 and Designing for Mobile in an Omnichannel World

Our everyday encounters with with good and bad experiences can be leveraged as part of an ongoing UX education.

Share:The UX University of Life

When iOS stopped supporting Adobe Flash back in 2010, significant cross-platform audio and video rendering issues surfaced that remain with us today.

Share:Many Forks in a New Road: The UX Hell of Cross-Platform Content Viewing

How to build innovative and satisfying mobile experiences by cherry-picking Apple’s interface guidelines.

Share:Gettin’ HIGgy With It

Designing for the Baby Boom generation requires an understanding of their unique fears, capabilities, and desires.

Share:Romancing the Boomer

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