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The results page is a crucial piece of the search experience, and presents an opportunity to meet users’ information needs and engage a dialogue that guides them.

Article by Tony Russell-Rose
Share:Designing Search: Results Pages
12 min read

As mobile continues to dominate experience design discussions, it’s time to dispel some common misconceptions about its use and stature.

Article by Linda Matthews
Share:Six Mobile Myths
11 min read

Experienced developers who have been in the game for more than a decade often find the subtleties of UX can be a bit of a mystery, but there are ways to get up to speed.

Article by Zahid Jiwa
Share:Is UX Your Achilles?
4 min read

Designing large software products requires a living library of the project’s diverse elements and visual standards, enter the enterprise UI toolkit .

Article by Ariel Grace Snapp
Share:How to Create an Enterprise UI Toolkit
6 min read

An excerpt from Why We Fail, a new book from Rosenfeld Media, chronicles the design, limited release, and failure of Google Wave.

Article by Victor Lombardi
Share:Book Excerpt: Why We Fail
10 min read

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