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Eye tracking

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Performing contextual inquiries with eye tracking can identify paint-points in user workflows and make a compelling case for change.

Article by James Breeze
Share:Combining Contextual Inquiry with Eye Tracking
6 min read

An excerpt from the new Rosenfeld Media book, Eye Tracking the User Experience by Aga Bojko answers the question: to track or not to track?

Article by Aga Bojko
Share:Book Excerpt: Eye Tracking the User Experience
5 min read

Looking through the Google Glass (so to speak) with the help of Descartes and Peirce, one can see a product with a name that appeals to all users’ low-tech experiences.

Article by Rebekah Rousi
Share:Google Glass and the Experience of Experience
6 min read

Usability testing becomes more effective when you combine quantitative data with eye tracking results that have been cross-referenced using qualitative research

Article by Alexis Conomos, James Breeze
Share:Quantitative Research and Eye-Tracking: A match made in UX heaven
7 min read

Designing for visceral reactions in your users can create experiences that deliver emotional satisfaction and drive habitual use.

Article by Chuck Longanecker, Morgan Brown
Share:How to Design for the Gut
6 min read

Where user experience in cars is concerned, there are distinct advantages and disadvantages to moving systems to the cloud.

Article by Steve Tengler
Share:The Cloud is Hazy for Automotive UX
6 min read

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