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Developing mobile apps for the healthcare sector comes with a very different set of challenges that require a focused approach.

Article by Mithun Sridharan
Share:Best Practices for Medical App Development Go Beyond Standard UX
6 min read

Enter to win a copy of Peter Morville’s new book, Intertwingled: Information Changes Everything

Article by UX Magazine Staff
Share:Win This Book! Intertwingled
1 min read

Looking at personas, goals, and scenarios relative to the characters, plot, and objectives of a novel or movie can help designers avoid self-referential thinking.

Article by Shlomo Goltz
Share:Persona Power
5 min read

Studying small groups of friends or family using your product in a familiar setting can yield qualitative insights that improve your user experience.

Article by Gowri Penkar, James Breeze
Share:Gaining UX Insight through Dyads and Triads
6 min read

When employed to its full potential, field research done in unique user environments can uncover opportunities to innovate customer experience.

Article by Jessica Weber, John Cheng
Share:Making the Most of Ethnographic Research
7 min read

Many of the tools in your UX kit can be put to work in customer experience, which looks at how customers perceive every interaction with a company.

Article by Kerry Bodine
Share:A Deep Dive Into Customer Experience
6 min read

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