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Digital Publishing and eBooks

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The unique features and attributes of Windows 8 present designers with opportunities to mature the OS and help users learn its ins and outs.

Share:Designing In and Around the Windows 8 Ecosystem
6 min read

When designing forms, think about your queries in the form of a conversation.

Share:Forms are a Conversation
4 min read

The Mobile Book, from the folks at Smashing Magazine, harnesses the chaos of the fastest growing sector in UX.

Share:Review: The Mobile Book – Smashing Magazine
5 min read

By helping us answer a simple question, you can win a copy of Tom Barker’s new book, Pro JavaScript Performance Monitoring and Visualization.

Share:Win This Book!
3 min read

When it comes to finishing Finnegans Wake, you might stand a better chance on paper than on a tablet.

Share:A Tablet Still Is Not a Book … Not Yet
11 min read

When creating eBooks, use the full capabilities of a touch device to engage users and enhance the overall learning and reading experience.

Share:Interactive eBook Apps: The Reinvention of Reading and Interactivity
7 min read

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