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The success of a mobile app or site can be made—or broken—by how effectively it uses gestures and animations.

Share:Gestures & Animations: The Pillars of Mobile Design
5 min read

A thoughtful examination of empathy in life and in the context of design reveals that empathy is not merely about receiving, but also about giving.

Share:What is Empathy?
10 min read

Enter to win a copy of Poornima Vijayashanker’s new book, How to Transform Your Ideas into Software Products.

Share:Win This Book! How to Transform Your Ideas into Software Products
1 min read

Five actionable insights from Debra Levin Gelman and the winners of our Design for Kids giveaway.

Share:What Can Experience Designers Learn from Kids?
4 min read

Take a video tour of the new Wiley book, Javascript & jQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development, by Jon Duckett

Share:Flipping Through JavaScript & jQuery
1 min read

When designing using metaphors like books, it’s important to remember to use the strengths of the source material and let the weaknesses fall by the wayside.

Share:The Book Metaphor
4 min read

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