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Augmented Reality

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The user interfaces presented in science fiction can be a huge source of inspiration, but designing down is often required to make them an approximate reality.

Share:Designing Down from Science Fiction: A Staged Approach
9 min read

The experience of shopping will change as emerging technologies alter the way products are packaged and presented to consumers.

Share:Packaging as Media and the Future of Customer Experience
7 min read

As the book “Make It So” points out, Star Trek has influenced the course of interaction design and continues to push the boundaries of design imagination.

Share:Make It So: Five Lessons in Interaction Design from Star Trek
7 min read

Long the domain of Tony Stark and his silver screen pals, AR is fast becoming a reality that user experience designers need to make considerations for.

Share:Augmented Reality and a Better User Experience
5 min read

What “location, location, location” is to real estate, “context, context, context” is to user-centered design.

Share:Contextualization is the Key to Delivering Powerful, Personalized Digital Experiences
4 min read

The creators of RedLaser, a popular iPhone app, tell the UX story behind their success.

Share:How UX Can Drive Sales in Mobile Apps
23 min read

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