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In the wake of their leader’s departure, the team at Bruce Mau Design decided to highlight the power in the combination of the their different strengths, Avengers-style.

Share:From Superman to the Avengers: Rethinking Bruce Mau Design
7 min read

A look at what 2014 might have in store for users and experience design practitioners.

Share:The Top UX Predictions for 2014
15 min read

A look at the trends that ruled the expanding UX landscape in 2013.

Share:The Top UX Trends of 2013
14 min read

We can elevate the long-term value of the experiences we create by offering users an experience of closure when the time comes.

Share:The Lack of Closure Experience in Digital Products and Services
5 min read

A learning initiative between Harvard and MIT, edX is creating an open-source learning platform with Google that’s poised to change the experience of higher learning.

Share:In Search of Knowledge: MOOC.org Will Change the Experience of Learning
5 min read

A closer look at the Design for Experience awards category: Experience that Makes a Difference

Share:Design for Experience: Experience that Makes a Difference
2 min read

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