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Podcasts ›› The Future of Collaboration is Human with Gary Sorrentino, Global CIO of Zoom

The Future of Collaboration is Human with Gary Sorrentino, Global CIO of Zoom

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As the Global CIO of Zoom, Gary Sorrentino spends a lot of time thinking about how technology can amplify human-to-human collaboration. He joins Robb and Josh for a conversation about the challenges of connecting people in hybrid work environments that are always evolving. As Gary points out, humans are in a joint venture with artificial intelligence, and this episode explores many of the inflection points we need to consider.

Gary Sorrentino is the Global CIO at Zoom, where he leverages over 40 years of experience in Information Technology to drive innovation and enhance collaboration solutions. With a background in financial services, including roles at J.P. Morgan, Citi Private Bank, Credit Suisse, and UBS, Gary has extensive expertise in cybersecurity, data privacy, and technology infrastructure management.

As the former Global Head of Client Cyber Awareness and Education at J.P. Morgan, he developed comprehensive cybersecurity programs to protect clients and raise awareness among employees. Gary’s leadership has been instrumental in shaping the future of digital collaboration and security across industries.

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