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Hiring Conversational Designers w/ Aaron Cooper, Banner Health’s Sr. Dir. of Digital Experience

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As conversational AI continues to change the nature of UX, we’re excited to bring you a practical (and thorough) conversation about hiring design talent with Aaron Cooper, Senior Director of Digital Experience at Banner Health. Aaron has lead the creation of multiple products involving conversational AI at companies like Honeywell and Optum Health, and was generous enough to open up about what he’s looking for when hiring design talent and how he makes sure key people within his organization are partners in design. We’ve also got a special guest host for this episode: Elias Parker, the executive producer of our book, Age of Invisible Machines, and of this podcast. An ethnographer by training, Elias has been working with UX practitioners for more than a decade and has hired over 200 researchers and designers across disciplines.

Aaron is a Designer who leads Design for people, grown through experience in user experience, customer experience and innovation roles across industries, regions, customer journeys and design practice areas. He’s worked in agencies and led design in highly matrixed global organizations, including legal research, data analytics, healthcare, product development, e-commerce, aerospace, and corporate teams. He advances iterative thinking, ideation, and delivery from customer needs to measurable outcomes. He has deep experience working in Agile and Scrum, waterfall, and other ways of working, collaborating across disciplines with peers and team members in product management, technology, marketing, contact center and other roles. He runs about a mile and a half every morning with his amazing wife, loves to serve his church, mentor, hike, ski and feels blessed with opportunities to immerse in and learn about cultures around the world.

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