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Podcasts ›› Rugged flexibility in the face of AI with Brad Stulberg, Bestselling author: Master of Change

Rugged flexibility in the face of AI with Brad Stulberg, Bestselling author: Master of Change

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Robb and Josh welcome Brad Stulberg for a deep conversation about how humans can best respond to the massive changes AI is thrusting upon us. As the bestselling author of Master of Change, Stulberg has explored the cycle of order, disorder, and reorder, and he shares the principles for developing a rugged flexibility mindset—which applies to both personal well-being and AI integration. A former McKinsey consultant and regular contributor to the New York Times, Brad is a professor at the University of Michigan and a sought-after speaker.

Brad Stulberg is an accomplished author and speaker, specializing in the realms of mental health and mastery. His work delves into the philosophical and psychological foundations of excellence, unveiling the universal practices that lead to fulfillment, sustainable success, and well-being.

As the author of books such as “Master of Change” and “The Practice of Groundedness,” and a contributor to publications like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, Brad’s insights resonate widely. He is a dedicated faculty member at the University of Michigan’s Graduate School of Public Health, where he earned his own undergraduate and graduate degrees. Currently based in Asheville, North Carolina, Brad passionately explores the art, science, and practice of motivation, values-driven excellence, and maximizing one’s potential.

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