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A Deep Dive on Conversational Design with Cathy Pearl, UX Lead on Google Bard

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Cathy Pearl has deep roots in conversational design, as the UX Lead on Google Bard and author of Designing Voice User Interfaces (O’Reilly). She joins Robb and Josh for a conversation that explores the changing nature of voice interfaces and the deepening role of experience design. The trio also discusses the ways that conversational AI transcends productivity, potentially improving the quality of our lives in much deeper ways.

Cathy Pearl is a renowned figure in the tech industry. With roles including Google’s UX Lead on Bard and prior experience as the UX Lead on Google Assistant, she’s a driving force in shaping user experiences. Cathy authored the influential O’Reilly book, “Designing Voice User Interfaces,” and has a diverse background, from being a Software Engineer at NASA to a VP of User Experience at Sensely.

With almost two decades of expertise in crafting Voice User Interfaces (VUIs), she blends technical proficiency with a deep understanding of human interaction. Cathy holds an MS in Computer Science from Indiana University and a BS in Cognitive Science from UC San Diego.

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