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Nate Schloesser

Hey! I’m Nate, a User Experience Manager at Covenant Eyes. I’m also a writer, speaker, and author of Building UX: a handbook for UX Development and Career Growth. I am passionate about the field of User Experience and love teaching, coaching, and leading designers. I am most satisfied when I can help elevate UX in a person, organization, and/or community.

Understanding why the best designers throw away most of their work.

Your Design is Trash — Throw It Away
  • User Experience work is set apart from other professions by its ability to understand and solve problems for users but sometimes the job of a designer is marked by doing a bunch of work that never sees the light of day.
  • The author gives the following reasons why designers need to start tossing things out:
    • Creativity and Rationale Grows
    • Old Ideas Age Well
    • Design Artifacts Have Multiple Purposes
    • Amateur Designers Get Attached
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Your Design is Trash - Throw It Away

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