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David Hall

Design Lead | Compliance and Risks

David is a seasoned designer who focuses on user experience, creativity and theories behind what makes art and design tick. He is Head of Design for C&R and helps create really useful SaaS solutions for some of the world’s biggest multinationals.

On the art of stepping back and listening to users with genuine empathy

Design principle: effective listening through reflective questioning
  • One of the major challenges for UX designers is questioning effectively and letting users express themselves naturally.
  • One reason for this challenge is low responsiveness, which leads to exploring new ways to get a satisfying answer from users.
  • Recounting emotional and stressful events blocks cognitive abilities, making us unable to pinpoint and analyze our emotions easily.
  • This article recommends giving users the time to figure out the answer for themselves without trying to influence their emotions.

Read the full article to learn how to listen effectively.

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