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David Gillis

David Gillis is an Interaction Designer at Teehan+Lax, a Toronto-based
company that helps clients define and design great user experiences in
the digital channel. There, he’s done award-winning information
architecture and design work for clients like AOL, AIR MILES, John
Hancock and Virgin Mobile.

David’s passion for interaction design has been informed by a wide
range of interests and experiences, both academic and professional. In
school, he took a multi-disciplinary approach, combining studies in
communication, cognitive science and systems design. He holds Bachelor
Degrees in Math and English, and a Masters Degree in Information
Systems and Knowledge Media Design.

Areas of ongoing interest and investigation for David are
evidence-based design (how can designers strike a better balance
between intuition and formal inquiry), participatory design (how can
designers better engage their clients and end-users in collaborative
processes), and holistic design (how can we better design experiences
that span across multiple modes, touch points and platforms).

David is a regular contributor on the Teehan+Lax blog and you can follow him on Twitter @davegillis.

When it comes to delivering viable solutions, a lithe and muscular approach outpaces one that is weighed-down with too much information.

Article by David Gillis
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