Jane Pyle's picture
Genentech, Inc., User Experience Lead
Graham Ericksen's picture
Modus Associates, Director of Strategy and Innovation
Mads Soegaard's picture, Editor-in-Chief
Jeff Gothelf's picture, Director of User Experience
Karina Ibarra's picture
Arquinauta, User Experience Consultant
Sean Rintel's picture
The University of Queensland, Associate Lecturer in Communication
Brady Donnelly's picture
Fueled, Editor
Doug Hopkins's picture
Rosetta, Associate Partner & Group Experience Director
Mary Brodie's picture
Gearmark, Consultant
James Torio's picture
Solution Manager
Jordi Sánchez's picture
Institute of Computer Technology, Information Systems Engineer
Aaron Howell's picture
Code d'Azur, Technical Director
Rebekah Rousi's picture
University of Jyväskylä, PhD Candidate
Pertti Saariluoma's picture
University of Jyväskylä, Professor
Ilpo Koskinen's picture
Aalto University, Professor
Jim Lindstrom's picture
Case Commons, Inc. , Senior Product Manager
Antti Oulasvirta's picture
Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT, Senior Researcher
Chris Griffith's picture
Qualcomm, Staff Engineer in the User Experience Group
Jen Hocko's picture
MathWorks, Inc., Usabilty Manager
Kieron Leppard's picture
SapeintNitro, UX Manager
Dorian Peters's picture
Wellbeing Technology Lab, The University of Sydney, Specialist in Design for Learning and Wellbeing
Alan Colville's picture
User Experience Consultant
Megan Burns's picture
Forrester Research, Principal Analyst