We’re pleased to announce that we are adding a Reviews section to UX Magazine. The goal of this section will be to look at existing software products, mobile apps, websites, and other solutions as instructive examples in understanding UX concepts and guiding the design of other products. The purpose of the reviews isn’t to pass judgment on the work of others, but rather to use the solutions they’ve designed in response to the challenges they faced as an opportunity to learn.

While some of our reviews will examine entire products, others will have a much narrower focus. We may review individual application screens, specific interaction design solutions, novel UI components, interesting types of data visualization, or other such focused solutions and questions. We’ll also examine redesigns and changes to existing products and sites.

Do you have any suggestions for products or solutions you’d like us to review? Please email your ideas to [email protected].

We’d like to welcome and thank the new members of the UX Magazine review team: