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IAB Banners

by Howard Mann
1 min read
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Can our site’s grid layout support standard IAB banner sizes? Sure it can.

During the UX Magazine presentation at the Greek Design Panorama 2005 , right after I wrapped up my speech, I was asked a question from the audience which more or less was the following:

“This site, as you told us, has been built on an 8x grid, each column being 120 pixels in width, how do you see any IAB standard banners fitting into your design. Doesn’t the prospect of advertising concern you?”

I came to a quick response: “We’re not interested in money, so banners do not concern us”.

We’re not interested in money

I’d like to apologize to the inquirer publicly because my answer was just half true. I mean, we’re not doing this for money, if we were then this site would have been flooded with banners. The part that’s untrue is that banners don’t concern us. In fact I believe we’ve headed down the right alley when we decided upon the 8x grid and 120 pixel width columns.

Judging by IAB standards , 120 pixels fit the most common banner sizes. But even if we move on to the most cumbersome ones, we can still see that any derivative of 120 will accommodate the banner.

So basically what I really had to answer was: we were not interested in money, but advertisement was an issue when designing UX Magazine.

post authorHoward Mann

Howard Mann, Howard Mann is the founder of Brickyard Partners, a business strategy agency based in Portland, OR. Prior to founding Brickyard Partners in 2001, Mann owned a premier international logistics company with over 140 Million in revenue, six U.S. offices and a global network of over 40 agents worldwide. As that business came under severe pressure from the previous economic downturn and industry consolidation, Howard lead the company out from those treacherous times by returning to the basics that make every business great and completing 6 acquisitions that re-imagined the business so it was highly attractive to buyers. Finding that “secret sauce” did not come easily but has fueled his purpose to help other business leaders to never have to go through what he endured. 

Through real world experience and those hard times in the “trenches” of business he has learned that it is not following the latest fad, copying competitors or adding complexity that makes a business truly great. His pragmatic approach and knowing what it feels like to sit in the CEO/Owner chair is what makes his work so different and effective. In addition to his strategy, marketing and communications work, Mann coaches a select group of entrepreneurs, CEO's and business owners. His highly focused workshops and keynotes help executive teams take aggressive action to unlock the true potential of their organizations and build remarkable businesses that endure. In good times and bad. Online and off. Howard is a sought after speaker both in the U.S. and around the world. He writes frequently on his blog about the importance of the basics and reconnecting to the passion that too often gets lost as businesses mature.


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