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Hey Bloomberg, I Was Still Watching That #wtfUX

by Josh Tyson
1 min read
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Lamenting a stilted video experience on Bloomberg TV.

The world is full of poorly designed experiences. By identifying and sharing them, maybe we can shrink their numbers. Here Grant Houston serves up an example of a site misinterpretting the actions of users.


It seems that on Bloomberg’s home page you can scroll away from video content that’s in progress an nothing happens, but when you watch content on the Bloomberg TV page, the site behaves differently.

If a video is playing and you scroll down the page to browse the other content—something I frequently do on other sites; listening to the audio while seeing what I want to watch next—the video stops playing. When you scroll back up and press play again, the video starts over, sometimes repeating the ad that precedes it. wtfux?


Keep these coming. Send them to us via Twitter or Facebook using the hastag #wtfUX or email them to: [email protected] with “#wtfUX” in the subject line. Include as much context as you can, so we get a full understanding of what the f%*k went wrong.


post authorJosh Tyson

Josh Tyson, Contributing Editor Josh Tyson is a Denver-based content specialist focused on UX, AI, and conversational design. He is the co-host of N9K, a podcast from the future, and stays balanced by drawing on the powers of family, skateboarding, yoga, and art.


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