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Article No. 1 588 | March 14, 2016


Some simple examples of what constitutes 'too much' would have helped, this is a complete waste of time. You presume that all users are the same, and presume that all users can't cope with all options being available at once. Oh, the humanity!

Has anybody on this website actually designed a single new user INTERFACE element? In their lifetime? Anybody?

All this talk of 'UX' is for people who can't actually design new INTERFACES, but bad interfaces are hampering billions of people's use of computers today.

So, was the menu delicious indeed? :P

Thank you Dan, your comic has made my day. Funny and yet informative.

very funnny i liked

Great job on this!

I suffer from menu analysis paralysis, especially if it's in a quick-to-order establishment.

Haha this is really funny, I love it!

I love your humoristic style. Please write more!