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Article No. 1161 December 18, 2013

Application Deadline Extended in Design for Experience Awards

As we’ve mentioned a time or two, UX Magazine is presenting the international Design for Experience awards.

Our initial application deadline of December 15 passed this weekend and we’ve been thoroughly impressed and inspired by not only the number of applications we’ve received but by the diversity and quality of the products, services, and programs represented.

Applications have come in from big companies and big agencies, as well as small companies, small agencies, and individual practitioners. A number of academic programs centered on experience design have also thrown their hats into the ring and we’re are excited for the judging to commence.

That said, because we received multiple requests for extra time completing applications—especially with the holidays and year-end deadlines at hand—we’ve extended the application deadline until January 19. We’ll be announcing our semi-finalists soon and will also begin our series of articles exploring some of valuable lessons that can be learned from the work submitted.

So, if you haven’t yet applied for a DfE award, there’s still time!


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