Steve Jobs has just announced the availability in February of it’s “under the TV” media player (formerly iTV) for $299. I think they won’t be able to keep these on the shelves.

Biggest announcement however is the iPhone — a touch-wide-screen device which incorporate an iPod, phone and PDA functions. A interface that does away with keypad or stylus and let’s you handle most controls via touching and sliding your fingers across a seriously high-resolution screen (160 pixels per inch). It’s gorgeous, of course, and quad-band. Just when I was looking for a new gadget to buy myself.

While it still needs to be properly field-tested it still baffles me how Apple can consistently one-up everyone. Other companies have been doing phones for years and yet we were yet to see a decent mobile interface. Similarly, companies where doing MP3 players long before the iPod came out and we all know what happened there. This looks like it will blow other devices out of the water. It could be a bit premature to judge this from a keynote but Apple’s track-record pretty much guarantees that this will be executed properly. Here’s me sounding like a fanboy again. Sigh.