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Article No. 519 April 16, 2010

Profiling business UX leaders: A new series on UX Magazine

For companies to succeed at creating great user experiences in their products, the entire company must be focused on UX to some degree. It’s not sufficient to just hire a CXO or create an isolated UX team, nor can marketing or IT departments take up the UX mantle on their own. UX must be a company-wide competency, and decision-making must be suffused with attention to user or customer needs.

Building a UX orientation and competency can be very difficult for large companies. Complicated politics, segregated departments, entrenched industry practices, fragile legacy products, poor agency partners, and basic lack of information can make it quite challenging to steer the enormous ship toward better UX.

Because of this, UX Magazine has undertaken a large project to profile companies across a diverse range of verticals that have taken bold steps toward better UX. We’re creating a special series called Business UX Leaders to spotlight their achievements with the aim of giving other businesses positive examples of how UX practices can be built and cost-justified, what opportunities to pursue and what pitfalls to avoid, and what payoffs to expect. We hope that this information and the leading examples of their peers will help business leaders take their companies down the path to better UX. Helping business leaders and bringing them into the UX professional community is critical to the success of the cause of better UX.

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If you know of any companies that are making great strides in building UX into their cultures and products, please let us know! We prefer to cover recognizable brands since they have greater credibility with the business audience, but all suggestions are welcome as long as their example is strong enough. PR and marketing people, please don’t take this as an opportunity to try to get publicity for your company unless it is a recognizable brand showing true, strong leadership and success in building UX competency.

Send suggestions to: contribute@uxmag.com

Please include an explanation of why you’re making the suggestion, and provide contact info to people in the company involved in its UX work.


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Jonathan (@first_day) is a tech-focused jack of all trades and the editor-in-chief of UX Magazine. He is also the author of Effective UI: The Art of Building Great User Experience in Software, published by O'Reilly Media. Through its partnership with UX Magazine, Jonathan is also a senior advisor to Didus, a recruiting and career development company focused on user-centered professionals. As well, Jonathan is Managing Director, Product Strategy & Design for Dapperly, a fashion-oriented software product startup, and he is the Principal of First Day, a small private equity and consulting company. From 2005 to 2009, Jonathan helped found EffectiveUI, a leading UX strategy, design, and development agency focused on web, desktop, and mobile systems.

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This is great!
I am passionate about making corporate IT see the need for better UX in in-house software. Despite some rich experience working with large corporations for several years as a consultant doing business analysis, project management and product management, I am almost quitting on corporate IT because I find it difficult to work in a culture of apathy for UX. It is only recently that I am realizing that user-centered design is intertwined with the organizational culture itself.
I hope to be able to do more research in this area - on the relationship between organizational culture and usability of software (particular internal software). I hope to be able to publish a book of case studies (my BHAG!) that will make organizations see the value in investing in UX. I think this series will be an inspiration for me!

You may find this blog interesting:

Also, this YouTube video from Accenture makes me optimistic: "Jumping the boundaries of Corporate IT"


Thanks for sharing these resources. Loved them