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Article by Rich Weborg
Open AI Dev Day: Great Technology, Light on UX and Business Value
  • The article provides constructive feedback on OpenAI’s Dev Day, emphasizing opportunities for improvement in brand alignment, platform adaptability, and practical business use cases, while recognizing the exciting potential of conversational AI.
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5 min read

We data scientists spend so much of our effort helping you understand your users that… you forget that we are users too.

Article by Cassie Kozyrkov
Data Science Effectiveness as a UX Problem
  • The article discusses the need for user experience (UX) design tailored to data scientists, emphasizing the importance of understanding their diverse roles and preferences for creating effective data science tools.
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6 min read

Amplifying the Human Voice in Business.

Article by Nate Schloesser
UX is Not Dead, It’s Just Misunderstood
  • The article discusses the significance of user advocacy in business and how to align departments toward prioritizing users for meaningful and impactful outcomes.
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8 min read

Writing case studies for your UX portfolio can feel opaque and overwhelming. This article breaks down the anatomy of a UX case study to help you tell a simple and effective story that shows off your skills.

Article by Jonny Grass
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7 min read
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“The rise in hiring conversational designers seems to be happening at a much faster clip than when companies started hiring internal UXers 10 years ago”

Article by UX Magazine Staff
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5 min read
ConversationalDesign2020_Article Image

Did you know UX Magazine hosts the most popular podcast about conversational AI?

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