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A collection of five wide-ranging UX lessons from an unlikely source: popular movies.

Share:Five UX Lessons from Hollywood
8 min read

We can elevate the long-term value of the experiences we create by offering users an experience of closure when the time comes.

Share:The Lack of Closure Experience in Digital Products and Services
5 min read

An interview with Parrish Hanna and Chris Thibodeau, the heads of experience research and design at Ford Motor Company, on the future of UX for the automotive giant.

Share:The UX Explorers at Ford
7 min read

Automated speech recognition (ASR) engines need to be tuned using diagnostic tools for optimum performance, just like cars.

Share:Checking Under the Hood of your ASR Engine
7 min read

The technical problems with Healthcare.gov have been widely discussed, but there are usability issues to consider as well.

Share:DOA? Diagnosing the UX Flaws of Obamacare
6 min read

How lean UX research can help great experiences blossom in agile software development environments.

Share:Create Great UX in an Agile World by Conducting Lean UX Research
7 min read

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