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Team Dynamics

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How UX went from a one-person task to a strategic priority with a large team at AT&T Interactive.

Article by Stephanie Arnold
Share:The Adventures of Usability Girl
10 min read

Translating REI’s warm, hand-crafted in-store experiences into the digital space.

Article by Samantha Starmer
Share:Crafting the UX of REI’s Retail Experience
14 min read

How FedEx is improving the user experience of its systems, building an effective UX practice area, and moving the entire company toward strong UX competency.

Article by Brice Stokes, Thomas Wicinski, Mike Downey
Share:The FedEx UX Journey, Part 1
22 min read

A discussion amongst thought leaders from eBay, Discovery Channel, Google, and Adobe.

Article by Ryan Stewart, Alan Lewis, Scott Green, Randy Rieland, Tony Hillerson
Share:Failing Fast: Getting Projects Out of the Lab
12 min read

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