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A look at the two primary uses of AI—”instrumental” and “affective”—that significantly boost the UX of a product.

Article by Aria Haghighi
Share:Two Ways Artificial Intelligence Contributes to Great User Experience
6 min read

Companies of all sizes are paying closer attention to customer experience elements in their digital offerings—here are some ways to maximize the ROI.

Article by Adele Sage
Share:How to Get the Most from Digital Customer Experience Investments
3 min read

Empathy, creativity and systems thinking play crucial parts in the design of successful experiences and can also foster consensus within the UX community

Article by Jordan Clayton
Share:Embracing the UX Spectrum
7 min read

Now, more than ever before, public libraries are in a unique position to offer vanguard, tailored experiences to their users.

Article by Amanda L. Goodman
Share:Libraries: A Canvas for Creating Meaningful User Experience
6 min read

What “location, location, location” is to real estate, “context, context, context” is to user-centered design.

Article by Stephen Powers, Ron Rogowski
Share:Contextualization is the Key to Delivering Powerful, Personalized Digital Experiences
4 min read

Crafting compelling and valuable copy requires infusing the brand’s voice with a human tone that users respond to.

Article by John Caldwell
Share:When and Where to “Woohoo”
6 min read

Did you know UX Magazine hosts the most popular podcast about conversational AI?

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