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New and Emerging Technologies

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How to build innovative and satisfying mobile experiences by cherry-picking Apple’s interface guidelines.

Article by Ryan Bell
Share:Gettin’ HIGgy With It
8 min read

Having trouble explaining the value of user experience to stakeholders? Let Jim Carrey help.

Article by Steve Tengler
Share:Five User Experience Lessons from Jim Carrey
8 min read

Impressed with its development opportunities and unique UI, Macadamian chose to devote a quarter of its workforce to the BlackBerry 10 OS.

Article by Meaghan Reinecke, Scott Plewes
Share:Banking on BlackBerry 10
6 min read

As the complexity and quantity of user data multiply, it’s up to designers to create experiences that make the most of it.

Article by Jason Napolitano
Share:Designing Better Experiences Through Data
6 min read

Four ways to keep your designs simple in the hyper-competitive mobile age.

Article by Scott McDonald
Share:Simplicity: The next design battleground
3 min read

Designers are faced with alluring new challenges as users expect more sophisticated interactions with more persistant and pervasive screens.

Article by Ken Yarmosh
Share:Looking Into the Screens of the Future
5 min read

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