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Zack Rutherford

Freelance Copywriter | TemplateMonster

Zack Rutherford is a freelance copywriter, with an invested interest in UX and web design. A combat sports enthusiast and poetic soul, Zack endeavors to create beauty through syntax, sentence structure, and the liberal use of hyperbole. Follow him on Twitter (@zack_rutherford) or visit his website (Zackrex.com) to read all of his innermost thoughts.

As a UI trend, ghost buttons have many advantages, but implementing them effectively requires close attention to visual design elements.

Article by Zack Rutherford
Share:15 Ethereal Examples of Ghost Buttons in Action
7 min read

Although it still doesn’t have widespread browser support, CSS Shapes is poised to change the way designers and users interact with text on the web.

Article by Zack Rutherford
Share:Symmetry, Size, Speed, and CSS Shapes
6 min read

When implemented properly, parallax scrolling can create a hypnotic effect, drawing users deeper into your site and compelling them to act.

Article by Zack Rutherford
Share:The Hypnotic Effect of Parallax Scrolling and How it Impacts User Experience
5 min read

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