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Tom Schneider

UX Partner | UX&ART

Tom Schneider is a former VP of The Usability Professionals Association (Philadelphia) and the UX Partner of UX&ART (www.uxandart.com). He is the creator of UserXman; the user experience super-hero, and is currently working on a new book, UX Alchemy: Transformational UX Design.

Tom studied philosophy and painting before he was hired at Boeing as an artist. There he was tasked with designing Boeing’s first corporate intranet. He helped establish some of the first information architecture best practices used in Web design and continued as a Art Director, Web Designer, and user experience advocate. He has spent the past 12-plus years in the advertising industry serving clients in aerospace, transportation, hospitality, B2B, healthcare, and consumer products. While at Rosetta he helped standardize the practice of Program Architecture and experience design while focusing on personalized experiences and designing experience programs to drive users through the marketing continuum of awareness, engagement, conversion, loyalty, and advocacy.

Tom spent a year in Moscow where he wrote the first of several screenplays and recently has undertaken songwriting much to the dismay of his kids; Mack, Ava, and Lydia.

Everything a customer touches is part of a brand experience, and more companies should embrace UX on projects of every kind, including print and packaging design.

Article by Tom Schneider
Share:Why Even Print Projects Need UX
3 min read

Choosing a metaphor that helps us identify a brand’s character can provide a launching point for creating an effective customer journey.

Article by Tom Schneider
Share:Creating a Customer Ecosystem Using Brand Experience Metaphors
3 min read

The “big ideas” of the Mad Men era need to be integrated into the overall customer experience by modern agencies.

Article by Tom Schneider
Share:The Incredible Shrinking Big Idea: How does CX impact your agency in the age of omni-channel marketing?
4 min read

Experience designers can help traditional agencies build a consistent brand experience across digital and tangible channels.

Article by Tom Schneider
Share:Experience Design in the Agency Setting
4 min read

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