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Robert Stribley

Robert Stribley is a user experience design professional with over 20 years of experience. He worked at Razorfish and Publicis Sapient before recently starting his own small company, Technique. He teaches UX design at the School of Visual Arts, and speaks regularly on the subjects of user experience design and privacy by design.

As consumers’ privacy concerns continue to grow, so should our attention to addressing privacy issues as user experience designers.

Article by Robert Stribley
Designing for Privacy in an Increasingly Public World
  • The article delves into the rising importance of addressing privacy concerns in user experience design, offering insights and best practices for designers and emphasizing the role of client cooperation in safeguarding user privacy.
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9 min read

Consistency is helpful as a tool for designing user-friendly experiences. Until it isn’t.

Article by Robert Stribley
The Tyranny of Consistency

The article critically examines the role of consistency in design. It argues for a nuanced approach that prioritizes clarity and user experience over strict adherence to consistency norms.

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