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Nick Switzer

Front End Developer | Elevated Third


Specializing in front-end development, Nick Switzer has been with Elevated Third, a Denver digital agency, since May of 2010, and is one of the leading information architects on the development team. He has over six years of experience in web development and design, with an expertise that runs the gamut of technology, arts and media. Nick’s favorite part of web development is taking creative initiative in transforming static designs into living, breathing websites. While he is skilled in a variety of web languages, Nick enjoys the complexity and flexibility of Drupal, and aspires to be a more effective part of the overall Drupal community.

Outside of work, Nick is always planning his next adventure and thrives off of all things outdoors including snowboarding and mountain biking.


It’s a big world you’re sending content out into. Some upfront strategizing can give it the edge necessary to thrive.

Article by Nick Switzer
Share:Off-Site UX: Making Content Distribution Work for You
7 min read

The best responsive web designs show a rich understanding of what users are looking for and the right way to deliver it.

Article by Nick Switzer
Share:Create a Better Responsive User Experience
8 min read

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