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John Dilworth

Sr. Director, User Experience | Ancestry

John Dilworth currently resides in Ogden, Utah with his wife and two children. He has been working in the field of interactive media and design for over 15 years. Through his career, John has been involved in numerous media projects for both local and international business. He has a passion for art, design, and how technology influences the lives of people.

He holds a BFA in visual communications from Weber State University and an MFA in Computer Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in San Francisco, California. John is currently Sr. Director of User Experience at Ancestry and maintains his own fine art studio to develop his personal artwork. He also enjoys getting away from computers and is active in trail running, mountaineering, rock climbing and mountain biking.

More information can be found on his personal website: https://.johndilworth.com

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Twitter: @johndilworth

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