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Jesse Weaver

Director | Entrepreneurial Design Studio

As an experienced product leader and designer, Jesse spent seven years as the Director of Product and UX for Gaia.com, guiding the company’s product ecosystem as it scaled across thirteen platforms. Jesse currently directs the Entrepreneurial Design Studio at the University of Colorado Boulder and is the Founder of Design Like You Mean It, a product design consultancy working with companies of all sizes.

To Keep a User, Sometimes You Have to Let Them Go
  • Assuming every problem is product-related drives a product-centric approach to fixing them but problems are more complex than simple fixes to content or features.
  • The author uncovers 2 ideas:
    • Not all cancels are created equal
    • Think: User-centered retention
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6 min read
To Keep a User, Sometimes You Have to Let Them Go

Technology makes seemingly inconvenient tasks easier — but at what cost?

The Value of Inconvenient Design
  • The article covers the problem of friction and its impact on design.
  • The author explains the problem friction brings to design value based on examples of IKEA, Facebook and Amazon.
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8 min read
The Value of Inconvenient Design

Bad things happen as we stop solving people problems and start solving business problems

Human-Centered Design Dies at Launch
  • Even though every designer considers their most important stakeholder, this might only be good on paper
  • The problem is that as a company moves through each phase of the design process, the organization’s incentives can fall farther out of alignment with the needs of the people using the product and align more with the needs of the business.
  • The author walks through each designing phase, using a ride-sharing app as an example:
    1. Initial concept development/MVP (people problem)
    2. Reach product/market fit (product problem)
    3. Scale up (business problem)
    4. Cash out (market problem)
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9 min read

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