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Hunter Whitney

Consultant, Author, and Instructor; UX and Data Visualization | Hunter Whitney, Inc.

Hunter Whitney is a consultant, author, and instructor who brings a distinct UX design perspective to data visualization. He has advised corporations, start-ups, government agencies, and NGOs to achieve their goals through a thoughtful, strategic design approach to digital products and services.

Hunter is the author of “Data Insights: New Ways to Visualize and Make Sense of Data”. He was also asked to contribute a chapter in the book, “Designing for Emerging Technologies: UX for Genomics, Robotics, and the Internet of Things”. Additionally, Hunter has written numerous articles covering a range of subjects for various online and print publications including UX Magazine.

Our understanding of time is dependent on the lens we use, and data visualizations can provide a set of lenses for viewing time from different perspectives.

Article by Hunter Whitney
Share:It’s About Time
8 min read

Where open source software and brain-computer interfaces intersect, there are opportunities to revolutionize interaction design.

Article by Hunter Whitney
Share:Brain-Computer Interfaces: Interactions at the Speed of Thought
3 min read

A pair of brain activity visualization projects illustrates concepts and themes that affect human behavior and the realm of experience design.

Article by Hunter Whitney
Share:Exploring the Brain Through Experience Design
9 min read

UX practitioners can learn valuable skills for complex projects from scientific models—which often take cues from user experience design.

Article by Hunter Whitney
Share:Tinkering in the Model Shop
8 min read

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