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Danny Bluestone

Danny is the Founder and CEO of Cyber-Duck, a leading full service digital agency. Inspired by fusing creative, technical, and marketing expertise into a superior user experience, he established the agency in 2005. Now, they work internationally with global brands including Cancer Research Technology, The EU, and Arsenal FC. Leading Cyber-Duck, Danny continues to refine their accredited design process, drawing on lean and agile management methodologies, alongside creative R&D. He enjoys sharing expertise with enterprise, UX, and technology communities, including the UKTI, UX London, and UXPA. His digital insights have been featured in UX Magazine, Econsultancy, and Smashing Magazine.

We talk with Sergio Nouvel—co-founder of Continuum in Lima, Peru—author of our very popular and very controversial article, “Why Web Design is Dead.”

Article by Danny Bluestone
Share:In Conversation with Sergio Nouvel
1 min read

Offering multiple channels for users to interact with your business isn’t enough. You need to put them at the center of a seamless omni-channel ecosystem.

Article by Danny Bluestone
Share:5 Elements of Omni-Channel User Experiences
6 min read

How BSI ISO9001 certification refined design processes for a digital agency that already has multiple accreditations.

Article by Danny Bluestone
Share:Why Certify? Accreditation can add value to UX design
5 min read

Combining the strengths of adaptive and responsive web design techniques can eliminate the weaknesses each has standing alone.

Article by Danny Bluestone
Share:Combining Responsive and Adaptive Strategies to Solve Mobile Design Challenges
6 min read

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